Dragon Hill Lodge
March 31, 2020 1:51am


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Getting Here / New Bus Service

If you’re coming from Incheon International Airport, clear customs, then look out for the United States Forces Korea (USFK) Joint Reception Desk, located near Terminal Exit 1 (Arrival Hall A). **  A military liaison may be present be there to greet you and help get you to Dragon Hill Lodge. You’ll have a few options, outlined below. Please note that for all of them, you’ll need to have gate access.

USFK Shuttle Bus: 

The free shuttle travels directly from Incheon International Airport to Dragon Hill Lodge at convenient times listed below, and takes about an hour. The USFK Reception Desk Staff will hold the last shuttle bus until all of the U.S. Flag Carriers are scheduled to arrive for that evening. All seats on the bus are equipped with lap belts, which can secure a car seat.

Free Incheon Airport Shuttle Bus

airport bus updated 3.24.jpgYongsan to Camp H [nov18].jpg



An AAFES taxi will cost approximately $65. If you decide to take a taxi, it is important that you take AAFES taxi, because these are the only taxis that can access the Yongsan Military Installation where Dragon Hill Lodge is located. The USFK reception desk can call an AAFES taxi for you if there is not one already at the airport. If you’re using a local taxi, please use this handy guide to help point the way (just know you’ll have to get dropped off at the gate, as a non-AAFES taxi will not be able to access the base).

Note: For both the shuttle bus and taxi, you must show your DOD ID card to access the Yongsan Military Installation where the Dragon Hill Lodge is located. If any members of your traveling party do not have one, you’ll need a sponsor to meet you and sign your non-DOD ID cardholder(s) onto the Yongsan Military Installation. Please contact us in advance if you have a non-DOD ID cardholder in your party and you do not have a sponsor to sign you onto the Yongsan Military Installation.

Yongsan - Camp Casey Bus Schedule 

03 Casey Bus eff december 2019.png

Yongsan Base Map
Getting Here Map - Feb 25.jpg