Dragon Hill Lodge
October 27, 2020 4:55am


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It’s no secret that Seoul is known the world over as a shopper’s paradise. Whether it’s high fashion, tailor-made, vintage, luxury, wholesale or traditional, there are shopping areas and markets all over the city that will suit your sensibilities. Retail therapy is part of daily life in Seoul, and Dragon Hill Lodge is at the center of it. Be sure to check with Discover Seoul if you’d like a custom itinerary of shopping destinations. We can also help you get there and back, so you don’t have to worry about carrying all those bags too far.

Market Square

Dragon Hill Lodge’s very own shopping center, the Market Square is a convenient destination for shopping right where you’re staying. You’ll find specialty shops, a bank, travel agency, business center, tailor, beauty salon, dry cleaner and more. You can even find new car sales, available for stateside delivery.


Dragon Hill Lodge also has a Shoppette where you can purchase basic items, snacks and goods. Being situated on an Army Garrison means you’ll be able to access a PX for other shopping needs. Before you go to the PX, you’ll need a Ration Control Plate.

Hours, effective 1 October 2019

Sun-Thu 0700-2200 hrs

Fri-Sat  0700-2300 hrs


This is Seoul’s hotspot for Korean arts and crafts, filled with shops, galleries and souvenirs ranging from cultural to kitschy. If you’d like to visit, we have tours that can take you there and back. Just let us know and we can help you plan your trip.


Named for its COnvention centers and EXhibition halls, Coex is also home to Starfield Coex Mall, the world’s largest underground shopping plaza. You’ll find hundreds of stores, movie theaters and the Coex Aquarium. In fact, if you’d like tickets to that, our Discover Seoul desk can get you discounted admission.