Dragon Hill Lodge
Dragon Hill Lodge


A Tradition of Hospitality

Dragon Hill Lodge and Resort of AFRC Resorts has proudly served the Total Defense Force’s military members and families since 1990. Situated in the center of Seoul, Dragon Hill Lodge offers a tranquil getaway among the excitement of a cutting-edge metropolis as well as a convenient home base for further adventures throughout Northeast Asia. U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, home to Dragon Hill Lodge, has a rich, complex history.

In 1906, forces of the Imperial Japanese Army established a military compound in Yongsan that brought in thousands of the country’s troops ahead of its official annexation of Korea in 1910. Japan developed and maintained its Yongsan base throughout its occupation of Korea, ending in 1945 upon Japanese surrender in World War II.

The United States took control of the military compound at this time, naming it Camp Seobingo and later, in 1952, Yongsan. Evidence of Japanese occupation remains in the many brick buildings that still survive throughout the base today. USAG Yongsan was home to the United States Forces Korea until 2017, serving as the first and last stop for forces and families stationed in Korea.

To that end, Dragon Hill Lodge was built to provide a full-service home away from home for the Department of Defense personnel processing in and out of the country. The construction of Dragon Hill Lodge was funded entirely with the profits of Army-owned recreation facilities in Korea, a product of profits reinvested into the welfare of those it serves. Today, Dragon Hill Lodge continues to uphold its reputation as a world-class facility in the heart of Northeast Asia, providing comfort, serenity, and value to the brave military and families of the Total Defense Force.


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