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Manage Reservations

Modify or Cancel Your Reservation

Sometimes it just isn't in the cards to take a vacation or conference you were supposed to attend. Your travel plans are bound to change from time to time. We have a 14-day cancellation policy. If canceled within 14 days, you will be charged a one-night room penalty.

Please note: Only reservations made online can be canceled or modified online. If you made a reservation over the phone, you will need to call or complete the form below. 

Step 1

Fill in any date for Check In and Check Out. Click red button at the top of the page “Book Now”.

Steps 1_Manage DHL.jpg
Step 2

Click “Find Reservations”.

Steps 2 Manage_DHL.jpg
Step 3: Modify Reservation

Enter your confirmation or itinerary number and the email address you used when making the booking. Click “Find Reservation”.

Steps 3 Modify_DHL.jpg
Step 4: Modify Reservation

Click red button on right hand side of screen “Change this Reservation”.

Steps 4 Modify_DHL.jpg
Step 5: Modify Reservation

Please select the room you would like to edit. Click “Next”.

Follow the prompt: What do you want to edit? Rooms and Hotel Services or Guest or Payment Info. Select red button “Edit Now”.

If dates need to be changed: choose new Check In / Check Out dates and click “Search”button. Select room type and click either “Update or Book Now”. Next page click red button at bottom of the page “Complete Booking”.

If need to change Guest or Payment Info, click “Edit Now”. Update address, payment info here. Click red button at bottom of page “Complete Booking”.

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Step 4: Cancel Reservation

Click red button on right hand side of screen “Cancel Reservation”.

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Step 5: Cancel Reservation

Confirm room you need to cancel. Click red button “Cancel Now”.

Step 5 Cancel_DHL.jpg