Dragon Hill Lodge
Dragon Hill Lodge

Incheon Airport

Before Your Departure

If you are flying into Incheon International Airport and headed to Dragon Hill Lodge, be sure to first check that all members of your party have base access, or have a plan for how you will escort them on if needed.

It is your responsibility to check base access for all members of your party. Please contact us in advance if you have a non-DOD ID cardholder in your party and you do not have a sponsor to sign you onto the Yongsan Military Installation.

It is also a good idea to check our latest information on travel to Korea.

If you are arriving from outside of Korea, please take extra care in your travel preparations, as policies on international arrivals may change at any time and are the responsibility of the traveler.

Temporary exemption of K-ETA for 22 countries (as of April 2023): K-ETA is temporarily exempted for nationals of 22 designated countries until December 31, 2024. Please click here to view the list of exempted countries. Please note that you may still apply for K-ETA, and travelers with K-ETA are not required to submit an arrival card at the port of arrival. 

Useful Links:
Incheon International Airport - Arrival & Quarantine
K-ETA Website 

*When filling out an address for the K-ETA, If your only destination in Korea is the Dragon Hill Lodge and you have no other Korean address that you can input, you may try entering the address for the War Memorial of Korea. However, we highly recommend first checking with your chain of command or calling or emailing our Front Desk in advance to check for the most up to date situation. 

War Memorial of Korea 29 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul Republic of Korea 04353

From Incheon Airport to Dragon Hill Lodge

For traveling from Incheon International Airport to Dragon Hill Lodge, you can choose military transportation options or make your own way using local services. Download our handy guide for information about getting to Dragon Hill Lodge with local bus, subway, and taxi services. 



Note that only AAFES taxis can access USAG Yongsan, where Dragon Hill Lodge is located. Local taxis will only be able to bring you up to one of the gates. The USFK reception desk (Terminal 1: Near Exit 1 or Terminal 2: At Exit 4) can call an AAFES taxi for you if there is not one already at the airport. 

For reservations and questions regarding this service, visit the AAFES Taxi website.
*To reserve a taxi to the airport, please contact the AAFES dispatcher 24 hours in advance.

Local (Non-military) Transportation

Information about local bus, subway, and taxi services – including fares - from Incheon International Airport is available here. See also below for getting a taxi to Dragon Hill Lodge.

Local Taxis

These are readily available at the entrance to the Arrivals terminal, and you are highly likely to meet inquiring taxi drivers as soon as you clear customs.

*Gate 1 is the nearest access point at USAG Yongsan to Dragon Hill Lodge. Please show your taxi driver the following directions in Korean for Gate 1. " 전쟁기념관 근처 삼각지역과 녹사평역 사이 고가 밑 미군기지 출구 앞에서 내려주세요" Note that a non-AAFES taxi will not be able to enter the base. 

From Dragon Hill Lodge to Incheon Airport
Information about local bus, subway, and taxi services to Incheon International Airport is available here. Information on the Airport Bus is provided below.