Dragon Hill Lodge
September 26, 2020 8:38pm


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Ration Control Plate

Ration control means that being a guest at Dragon Hill Lodge does not automatically let you buy things from AAFES stores including the Post Exchange, Commissary and Shoppette. Unrestricted access to these AAFES stores is limited to active duty guests and visiting active duty dependents who are staying on orders.


If you don’t fit this description and you want to buy something from one of these AAFES stores, you’ll have to get a temporary Ration Control Plate (RCP), that’s good for up to 14 days. You’ll need to go with your sponsor to the South Post Building 4034 (the 1RC building). Your sponsor will need a copy of his/her orders or USFK 700-19 form.


Please note that visiting dependents who did not come with orders nor with their military sponsors cannot use AAFES stores nor can they get a temporary RCP. Please email us at reservations@dragonhilllodge.com if you have any questions.