Dragon Hill Lodge
September 26, 2020 10:06pm


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FAQ About Bubble-to-Bubble Travel

In these changing times, Dragon Hill Lodge is your best option when it comes to relaxing, safe, USFK-approved leisure travel!
However, everyone's situation is different and policies may change rapidly, so before traveling it's always a good idea to check with the USFK website and/or your chain of command.
Below are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding bubble-to-bubble travel to USAG Yongsan Dragon Hill Lodge: 


Is it permitted to travel to Dragon Hill Lodge?

Bubble-to-bubble travel is authorized across all of USFK. This includes leisure travel to Dragon Hill Lodge, proudly located on USAG Yongsan!

“Travel between installations in a bubble to bubble move is authorized for leisure purposes. For example, going to the Dragon Hill Lodge from Camp Humphreys without stopping in between on the economy is approved.”

- 8th Army HQ [FRAGO 26 to 8A OPORD 20-02-25-01, Paragraph 3.d (18)]


Do we need an ETP for bubble-to-bubble leisure travel?

No ETP is required traveling bubble to bubble!

“If you’re going to the Dragon Hill Lodge at Yongsan, you don’t need an ETP for that because it’s bubble to bubble.”

- August 25th USFK Command Team Update on the Korean Peninsula with AFN

[See 23:30 mark at following link: https://www.facebook.com/myusfk/videos/227344488718446/]


What is there to do at Dragon Hill Lodge?

Our resort hotel is preparing a wide variety of exciting events for the local community and others in the USFK looking to enjoy safe, approved, bubble-to-bubble travel. You can view our events at the link here.

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